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Motor vehicle

Whether your car is your pride and joy or simply a means of transportation, we will find the right coverage for your motor vehicle insurance (also called car insurance or motorcycle insurance).


Third-party liability insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. Only those who have third-party liability insurance for their car can register with (and receive licence plates) the Road Traffic Office. This protects the vehicle owner from financial claims for compensation from third parties. Property damage and personal injury are insured.

Voluntary supplementary insurance

Comprehensive insurance policy

The comprehensive insurance policy covers damage to your own vehicle. A distinction is made between fully comprehensive and partial coverage insurance policies:

Fully comprehensive insurance (also called collision insurance / coverage)

Fully comprehensive insurance offers protection for collision damage to your own vehicle, for example damage caused by a collision.

Partial coverage

The following loss events are insured (not exhaustive):

  • Fire: Fire, explosion, lightning, sudden smoke development
  • Natural disasters: Hail, storm, landslide, rock fall, rock slip, high water, flood, avalanches, snow pressure
  • Glass: Breakages to the windows of the vehicle
  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Vandalism or malicious damage (not insured is scratching of the paintwork, this damage can be insured either by the fully comprehensive coverage or the parking damage coverage depending on the insurance company)
  • Damage caused by martens
  • Collision with animals

The following are also possible in addition to the partial coverage insurance policy:

  • Personal items / objects in the vehicle
  • Headlights, side mirrors

Assistance insurance (breakdown service)

The assistance insurance is valid for the insured vehicle in the event of a breakdown, for example if the vehicle has to be towed away or if the vehicle does not start again.

Passenger insurance (accident)

If the driver or passengers are injured in an accident with the insured vehicle, passenger accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of the persons involved. You are free to choose what the coverage should include: Medical expenses, lump-sum disability benefits, lump-sum death benefits and/or daily allowances.

Other supplementary insurance policies

  • Protection in spite of gross negligence
  • Bonus protection
  • Parking damage
  • Motorist legal protection


Depending on the insurance company, the amount of the premium for your car insurance can vary considerably. We would be happy to advise you and take the time-consuming process of comparing offers off your hands.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a tenant or owner, whether you live alone or have a familiy, or whether you travel a lot or prefer to be at home. With the right household insurance and / or personal liability insurance, you can protect your belongings.

Content insurance

Household contents insurance protects you against the financial consequences of damage to your movable property. The base level of insurance usually covers your movable property in the house or apartment against the following risks:

  • Fire: Fire, explosion, lightning, sudden smoke development, singeing damage, crashing or emergency landing of aircraft / spacecraft
  • Natural disasters: Hail, storm, landslide, rock fall, rock slip, high water, flood, avalanches, snow pressure
  • Water: Water leakage, frost damage, ingress of water into the building (no coverage for damage caused by open windows), heating oil leakage
  • Theft: Burglary, petty theft at home, robbery

The following is also available:

Simple theft away from home – Something is stolen from you along the way, without any use of force by the thief.

Glass– You can insure your furniture glass or building windows against breakage.

Valuables – In addition to the four basic risks, you can insure some of your valuable items such as jewellery or musical instruments against loss, destruction, or misplacement.

Luggage insurance – Secure your luggage against theft and damage when travelling.

The amount of the sum insured is very important in order to avoid underinsurance. Determine the value of your household contents with the help of our inventory sheet.

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance is not compulsory, but it is one of the most important insurance policies for individuals. A small mishap can happen quickly, but the financial consequences for you and your children can however be great. Therefore, it makes sense to take out personal liability insurance, which protects your assets against claims from third parties. Personal liability insurance is often required by the lessor / landlord of an apartment.

As a rule, your insurance policy may cover you:

  • As a private person
  • As the head of the family
  • As the lessee of an apartment or house
  • As a cyclist
  • As a homeowner
  • As a pet owner

Additional coverage:

  • Protection in spite of gross negligence
  • Driving thrid-party motor vehicle
  • Horse renters
  • Hunter’s liability insurance

We would be pleased to advise you in person.


Our health – the most important good. Did you know that 90% of all loss of earnings is due to illness? The cost of health care has risen steadily in recent years. It takes up an increasingly large share of the total budget and accounts for an average of about 13% of it. Therefore, choosing the right insurance policy for you in the case of illness is very important.

Mandatory basic health insurance pursuant to the Swiss Ferderal Law on Health Insurance (LAMal / KVG)

Basic health insurance is compulsory for all persons residing in Switzerland. The benefits are the same for all basic health insurance providers and are regulated in the Health Insurance Act (LAMal / KVG). Similarly, providers are legally obliged to accept any person without a check-up. People who live in Switzerland and are not employed for more than eight hours a week (e.g. children, housewives, students, etc.) must also be able to insure the medical costs arising from the consequences of an accident through their health insurance company. You are free to choose the provider an a comparison is worthwhile. Despite the same benefits, the premiums as well as the services can vary considerably.

There are ways to optimize your spending when it comes to health insurance premiums:

  • Choice of model
  • Choice of franchise

Voluntary supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance is voluntary for everyone. There is no obligation and you do not have to take out this insurance with the same health insurance company that provides you with your basic health insurance. The choice of the different supplementary insurance policies and which ones suit your personal situation can be very complex, as these may include different benefits depending on your health insurance company.

Examples of additional benefits that can be optionally insured and are not, or only to a limited extent, covered by basic health insurance:

  • Treatment abroad (also emergencies)
  • Dental treatment
  • Medical check-ups
  • Repatriations / Emergency transportation
  • Prevention / Promotion of fitness
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Supplementary hospital insurance
  • And more…

There are more than 50 health insurance providers in Switzerland, so we recommend that you get help in choosing the right offer. We would be pleased to be your partner in helping you find the optimal health insurance solution.

Retirement planning

Private retirement planning is more important than ever. That is why it is important to us to provide you with all-round advice on the risks of old-age, death, and disability. In order to meet the high demands of advising you about your retirement situation, we us the following apporach:

Retirement planning

We are living longer and longer – in 1950 six workers financed one pensioner – in 2030 there will be only two. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to your private retirement arrangements and to organize them at an early stage. Private retirement contributions are the third pillar, which is based on the constitutional 3-pillar principle. Die distinguish in the third pillar:

Pillar 3a or restricted retirement plan

This form of retirement planning is promoted by the Swiss Confederation, where contributions to Pillar 3a are tax-deductible up to a maximum annual deduction of CHF 7’056 for salaried employees and CHF 35’280 for self-employed persons. Due to the tax privileges, the possibility of withdrawing any funds before retirement age is very limited. Restricted retirement plans are offered by insurance companies and bank foundations in various products.

Pillar 3b or unrestricted retirement plan

Pillar 3b retirement plans are not tied to specific terms and are not tax-privileged, so there are no maximum contributions. The unrestricted retirement plan is therefore mainly found at the bank as a bank savings account. Insurance companies also offer Pillar 3b and, beginning from certain time periods, this type of insurance also offers tax benefits.

Secure income

Securing your income is an important part of your private retirement arrangements, so that you are well protected in the event of a loss of earnings (disability) or to safeguard your surviving dependants (upon your death). The first and second pillars are usually not sufficient to maintain the accustomed standard of living. We therefore recommend that you have a specialist check to see if you have any income gaps.

Premium waiver: If you become disabled, your income will usually fall and the costs may be higher. in the event of your disability, the premium waiver will take over the contributions to your retirement plan and thus ensure your retirement arrangements. As a rule, the insurance solution offers the premium waiver together with retirement planning.

Disability pension: Depending on the level of income, the first and second pillars only cover a small part of earned income in the event of disability. Supplementing private retirement arrangements with a disability pension is worth considering, particularly in the event of illness, so that the gap can be closed as far as necessary in the event of loss of earnings.

Whole life insurance: The classic whole life insurance policy is often referred to as life insurance, as it provides financial security for the surviving dependants in the event of the death of the policyholder. Whether the purpose is to provide financial security for the family, the partner or the business partner, the beneficiaries receive monetary funds. It is possible to choose that the funds be constantly maintained at the same level throughout the duration of the contract or to decrease annually.

The planning of retirement is a complex subject with many providers. We would be happy to provide you with free advice.

Real estate financing

Do you want to realize your dram of owning your own home in the near future or have you already been able to do so and are you considering changing your financing partner?

You will certainly be faced with the question of which partner is right for your mortgage. Financing must be well thought out and should also meet your needs in the longer term.

We would be happy to advise you in advance and help you to find the right partner. Whether this is bank or an insurance company, our many partnerships will help you find the best solution for your mortgage.

Further offers

In addition to the obligatory and base insurance benefits, there are numerous other benefits that can ensure that you are completely covered. These include, for example, legal protection, travel or pet insurance.

Legal protection

As you probably know, litigation can quickly become very expensive. There are many areas in life where a legal dispute can arise; for example, with the lessor because of a contract was terminated, or with the employer due to wage payment issues, or even in the event of a traffic accident. We therefore recommend that you consider your personal risk of getting into a legal dispute. If this coverage is important to you, consider legal protection insurance. We distinguish between two main policies:

Private legal protection

Advice and representation of you as a private person in a dispute.

Motorist legal protection

Advice and representation for disputes in road traffic, not only as a driver.

There are striking differences in the products of insurance companies, both in terms of premium levels and the scope of coverage. We know them well and would be happy to assist you in choosing the right insurance policy.


Whether it’s a beach vacation, a city trip or backpacking through the wilderness – something unforeseen can always happen that makes you not enjoy the trip as planned. If you travel regularly, it can be worthwhile to review your travel insurance. The cost of an annual premium is relatively low compared to insurance for just a single trip. In order to avoid double coverage of the benefits from other insurance companies, there are modular offers which can be divided into the following main areas of coverage:

Personal assistance: If you have health problems during vacation, you will be supported professionally and financially by a return journey, rescue operations and other measures.

Cancellation costs: If you are unable to start or stop your journey due to sudden illness, this module covers any costs incurred.

Motor vehicle assistance: If you have any motor vehicle problems during your trip, you will be assisted with services such as towing, repairs and recovery.

These policies can be chosen very individually. We would be happy to assist you in making the right choice.


Is your dog or cat a beloved member of your family and you only want the best medical care for you pet? As you may know, the cost of treatment for a cat or dog can quickly become expensive. To ensure that your pet’s treatment is not made less successful due to financial obstacles, you can limit this risk by insuring the costs of treatment. Here you have the possibility to insure your animal easily and quickly online.