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You may wonder why you need an insurance broker at all. Of course you can also take care of insurance matters yourself and conclude individual contracts with the respective companies. The advantage we can offer you are quite impresive:

  1. Contract management from one source
  2. The customer remains the final decision maker
  3. One contact person for all insurance companies
  4. Companion in case of claim
  5. Data protection and confidentiality

Furthermore, we support our customers in 3 languages: English, German and Italian.


A mandate, given by you, is required for us to comply with the data protection laws and guidelines between you and us. This is not a contract but a granting of authority so that we can deal with the insurance companies in your interest and with your permission. Such a mandate has no notice period and can always be terminated immediately by either party.

Duty to inform in accordance with the Insurance Supervision Act, ISA Art. 45 (VAG)

As soon as insurance intermediaries contact clients, they must inform them of their identity and address, as well as of their contractual relationships with insurance companies and foundations. At the same time, they must disclose the person who can be held liable for negligence, errors and incorrect information. Offers and documents must contain information about the nature of an offer and must include the names of the insurance companies and foundations.

Data Protection

Customer data and information are treated with strict confidentiality, which is a matter of course for us. Therefore, we would like to refer you to our Privacy Policy


Under the mandate, we receive a brokerage fee from the companies in line with market conditions. With the granting of the mandate you will not incur any additional costs within the usual contribution obligations. After prior consultation with you, additional services and further support can be provided for a fee.