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Customer promise

With this customer promise, Baumassurance commits itself to decent, economically fair behaviour throughout Switzerland and to compliance with the following basic rules according to which we provide services for our customers:

  1. Our employees represent our customers’ interests. This is not only done by the directly responsible mandate manager, but by all employees of our company working for a customer. The respective functions are described and organisationally anchored in our company. The deployment of our resources is determined by our understanding of our customers’ activities, their economic environment and their individual wishes. The solutions and recommendations we offer are geared exclusively to the interests of our customers and are at the heart of the customer benefits we provide.
  2. At the beginning of every new customer relationship and with every significant change, we will describe the nature, scope and benefits of our service. We will explain how we are compensated for our services. This is done by means of our clearly formulated broker mandate.
  3. We make sure of our customers’ goals and intentions before we act. Clear, complete and open communication is essential for our partnership with our customers.
  4. Our employees are prohibited from accepting gifts, invitations and benefits from insurance companies that could represent a conflict of interest with the objectives of our customers.

Our services

Baumassurance is proud to call itself an outstanding service provider. It is very important that we organise our service in a customer-oriented way and deliver solutions that are of high value to you.

All Baumassurance customers can benefit from the following services. We will be happy to discuss which services will be provided, to what extent and at what time.

1. Customer service

Client service concept – Presentation of and discussion about our work on your individual service solutions, our client promise and our broker mandate.

2. Risk and insurance sitatuion

Annual feedback and strategy meeting – In addition to the ongoing adjustment to your insurance cover, we discuss your current risk and insurance situation in a personal meeting at least once a year. We also discuss the key issues of the past 12 months and work with you to determine your future hedging strategy. Of course, we also address the current market conditions. Based on the information exchanged, we support you in updating your insurance and risk concept.

Risk review and assessment – We identify, analyse and assess your risk situation. We work with you to determine the risks for which insurance cover makes sense and which risks could be prevented, minimised or transferred. We then work with you to develop a customised, risk-specific concept for you. The result is a customised risk concept that meets your needs and corresponds to your risk philosophy.

Objective market overview – We offer you an objective market overview. Depending on the type of risk and your insurability, we survey the Swiss insurance market and obtain quotes for the best possible insurance cover. We will recommend insurance companies in accordance with the Baumassurance quality standards.

Offer analysis – Our specialists analyse and evaluate the individual offers on the insurance market. The best offers are worked out and presented to you.

3. Securing the insurance cover

Placement – After your approval, we will arrange for the desired insurance cover with the insurance companies.

Insurance overview – We prepare an overview of the insurance contracts we manage at least once a year.

Payment transactions – We check the invoice issued by the insurance company and forward it to you for direct payment.

Policy verification and dispatch – Our strength is our expertise. We check the policy issued by the insurance company and forward it to you for your records

4. Daily work

Daily specialist activity – We maintain a constant service for you. This includes in particular the management and control of your insurance portfolio, advice on all specialised topics as well as the billing and updating of contracts based on your annual reports.

Changes in risk – You inform us about changes in risk conditions. We update the existing insurance contracts in consultation with you. You will receive information about the measures taken.

Insurance confirmations – If you or third parties require special confirmations of your insurance cover, you can obtain these from us.

Visits on current topics – If a personal meeting is required for a special reason, we will visit you. Your personal account manager is your first point of contact. In addition to the other contact persons you know by name, the entire resources of our company are available to you at any time.

Status report – At your request, or if the situation requires, we will be happy to provide you with a status report on the outstanding issues and measures taken.

Information – We keep you informed about changes in the insurance market. Depending on requirements, we respond on a daily basis with letters, telephone calls or visits.

Online customer information – On request, we can provide you with an online customer information system.

5. Loss prevention measures

Damage analysis – Based on damage statistics, we analyse the frequency of damage, the cause of damage and the amount of damage as required. In the event of anomalies, we will discuss suitable loss prevention measures with you.

Loss prevention – At your request, we will check and evaluate the completeness and applicability of the safety concepts you have implemented (e.g. for fire protection, environmental protection) to minimise and prevent damage. If necessary, we can call on our technical expert and also carry out risk inspections.

6. Claims processing

Claims notification and inspection – Claims are a very high priority for us and we will therefore attend to the claims in consultation with you to protect your interests. If necessary, we will immediately arrange for a damage inspection on site. We will inform you about the documents to be submitted and forward them to the insurance companies after receipt and review.

Claims negotiation – We use our expertise to help you assert your justified claims against your insurance company and actively support you in the claims settlement process. We will keep you regularly informed about the status of negotiations with the insurance company.

Claims settlement – We check the statements of your insurance company regarding the obligation to pay compensation and the compensation payment. We support you in achieving the best possible claims settlement.

7. Duty to inform

In accordance with the Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetzt, VAG) Art. 45 – The Federal Council brought the revised Insurance Supervision Act (ISA) and the new Supervision Ordinance (SO) into force on January 1, 2006. Insurance intermediaries are now subject to state supervision. This is carried out by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. Art. 40 ISA defines an insurance intermediary as a person who offers or concludes insurance contracts in the interests of insurance companies or other persons. This includes brokers, brokers, neutral insurance advisors as well as the sales force of insurance companies.