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As an independent supervisory authority over the Swiss financial market, FINMA has sovereign powers over banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, financial institutions, collective investment schemes, their asset managers and fund management companies, and insurance intermediaries. FINMA is committed to protecting creditors, investors and insured persons and to safeguarding the functioning of the financial markets.

Pursuant to Art. 22 FIDLEG, client advisors of Swiss financial service providers that are not supervised pursuant to Art. 3 FINMASA and client advisors of foreign financial service providers may only exercise their activities in Switzerland if they are entered in an advisor register. The advisor register is maintained by a registration body pursuant to Art. 31 FIDLEG, which requires authorization by FINMA for its activities.

The industry agreement provides for new quality requirements for external intermediaries, for example, they must be registered in the Cicero register as of July 1, 2022.

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The Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) was founded in 1991 as an association under private law in Zurich. SIBA is the leading interest group for insurance brokers in Switzerland. Compliance with the strict admission and membership conditions must be ensured. Membership in the SIBA is a seal of quality or quality label. SIBA advocates the opening of the Swiss insurance market, analyzes developments abroad, especially in the European Union (EU) and for this purpose also maintains contacts with foreign authorities (EU Commission etc.) and broker organizations (LIBA, BIPAR etc.).

The Swiss Financial Planners Association, as a non-profit organization, preserves and promotes the reputation of the profession in general and that of its members in particular.

The Gewerbeverein Altstetten-Grünau was founded in 1990 in the Seminarhotel Spirgarten and with over 200 members is one of the largest in the city of Zurich.

We aim to unite the local trades to protect and promote their common interests in economic terms.

KundenVersprechen.ch is an online service of Kvmedia GmbH in Lucerne. In the meantime, KundenVersprechen.ch has become the best-known and fastest-growing trust brand in the Swiss SME landscape. The online platform is based on the joint initiative of two (non-profit) associations – the Swiss SME Association and the Swiss Consumer Association.

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With the establishment in 2011, Sobrado dared to take an important step into the technological age: the digitization of insurance offers and tenders. Consisting of executives with significant experience in the insurance industry and an innovative and dynamic team, Sobrado has developed over the years from a determined start-up into a company that is well-established throughout Switzerland. Today Sobrado is the leading transaction platform between brokers and insurers in Switzerland and serves as an important communication channel for the industry.

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Financial Services Ombudsman (FINSOM) is a specialized mediation system for conflict management and dispute resolution in business and labor relations in the Swiss financial sector.

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Switzerland has many locational advantages – one of the most important is its schools. Multicultural education has always been a mandatory subject for multilingual Switzerland. Due to the increase in international relations and global mobility, as well as the growing number of immigrants to Switzerland, education that crosses language borders has become more important. Here, private schools make an important contribution. Around 100,000 students and pupils from Switzerland and from over 100 different nations attend one of the 240 member schools of the Association of Swiss Private Schools (VSP).